Who We Are

Located in Switzerland, we are a boutique management consulting firm dedicated to creating lasting value through data-driven insights. Our team boasts decades of experience in top-tier consulting and has held significant roles across Fortune 100 companies in the U.S., Europe, and emerging markets.

We have expanded our operations with an offshore branch in India, staffed with a dedicated team of data analysts and business consultants. This strategic extension enhances our capability to deliver comprehensive, timely, and tailored solutions to our clients worldwide.

Our vision is to drive enduring results and foster strategic and operational enhancements in your day-to-day business operations. We commit to transforming insights into actions that sustainably improve performance and achieve measurable success.



Increasing demand and margin pressures, continuous consolidation, manufacturers expanding into service and the untapped potential of digital & big data create many strategic opportunities.

Financial Services

Global crises, pressure on margins, growth in emerging markets while leveraging scale and proliferation of go-to-market channels challenge our clients to deliver long term profitable growth.

Consumer Goods & Retail

Changing consumer behaviors, expansion of digital channels, the rise of middle class in emerging markets and ongoing consolidation and cost pressures require data driven smart strategies.

Private Equity

Successful track record of the PE funds demand increasingly ambitious targets from the portfolio companies. We partner with PE firms to identify and fast-track value creation opportunities.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Increasing cost pressures, ongoing mergers & acquisitions, the rise of internet of things lead many clients to optimize product portfolio and improve global supply chain while increasing productivity.